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what is earwax removal?

Earwax is a natural protectant, acting as a cleanser and mixing dead skin cells, dirt, and hair with secretions from the sebaceous and sweat glands to push debris out of the ear canal. According to Harvard Medical School researchers, earwax has incredible antibacterial and antifungal properties. Most medical professionals advise allowing earwax to run its course, but excessive earwax can pose big problems, such as hearing loss, ear infections, and other ailments, if left untreated. At Okey Weight Management Clinic, our medical team is highly trained to manage impacted earwax and blockage with various earwax removal methods. Schedule an appointment with our Oklahoma City, OK team to clear your ears for better hearing and health.

what to expect from Earwax Removal

The most common otolaryngologic technique is performed by a physician who uses special instruments, such as a wax spoon, suction device, or ear forceps — a long thin tool used to grab earwax — to remove the wax. Ear irrigation is another reliable method. This procedure involves soaking a cotton ball with a mixture of saline solution and water, or hydrogen peroxide, and inserting it into the ear with your head tilted upward to allow gravity to drain the fluid and waxy mixture out of the ear. A bulb syringe may also be used to help the fluid and wax drain out. There are also over-the-counter ear drops that will soften the hardened wax for a home remedy.

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Avoid Excessive Earwax Buildup

To avoid further earwax buildup, our practitioner may recommend trying a home remedy regularly to soften hardened wax for removal. If excessive earwax is causing discomfort, pain, or embarrassment, reach out to our medical team at Okey Weight Management Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK for help.

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